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Who will be attending?

FoodProWest provides a unique opportunity to access hundreds of customers, suppliers, and industry connections:

  • Domestic and International Retail Buyers
  • Industry leaders
  • Food industry stakeholders, consultants and suppliers to the food, beverage and natural health products industries
  • Plant/Operations managers and supervisors
  • Marketing specialists
  • Business development and Financial leaders
  • Occupational Health and Safety professionals
  • Food Safety and Quality Control professionals

Why should I exhibit at FoodProWest?

Our booths are now SOLD OUT! Scroll down to see a list of the exhibitors for this years Tradeshow.


  • Get your products in front of dozens of local, US and international  buyers all in one day. Hand out samples, setup on-on-one meetings, and be ready to do business!
  • Access retailers who can grow your business in new markets
  • Connect with our Associate exhibitors whose products and services help you succeed.
  • Network with hundreds of industry professionals and leaders who can support your business
  • Connect with fellow colleagues and share best practices
  • Meet the best of the best in industry, recognized and honoured at the BCFPA Awards Gala.


  • Market your company to the number one manufacturing sector in BC; a $9.1 billion industry, with more than 31,000 employees.
  • Reach dozens of processors all in one room.
  • Raise your corporate profile and demonstrate leadership by being a part of the largest industry event in BC
  • Receive increased exposure through BCFPA targeted marketing which includes social media, website, print material, event signage, and takeaway bags
  • With a record number of over 1000 people at FoodProWest 2017, this year will provide more networking opportunities with even more potential clients and customers.



FoodProWest 2018 Exhibitors


Avant Beverage Ltd.
Roch Fortin
Bayo Juice
Airial Clatney
Bremner Foods Ltd.
Terry Bremner
Canada International Business Ltd.
Charlie Hu
Coast Protein
Dylan Jones
Country Prime Meats Ltd.
Peter Springman
Donia Farms Foods Ltd.
David van Keulen
Natalie Ferrari-Morton
Eggsolutions - Vanderpols Inc.
Joan Arends
Eve's Crackers LTD.
Eve Laird
Fatso Peanut Butter
Jill Van Gyn
Food First Enterprise Ltd.
Jubi Steinhauer
Fraser Valley Specialty Poultry
Johanne Rene
Fresh Is Best Salsa Co.
Tania Kaniga
Gillespie's Fine Spirits
Kelly Woods
Golden Bon Bon (Asti Holdings Ltd.)
Marco Mazzucco
Holy Napoli Pizza Inc.
Francesca Galasso
Humble and Frank
Meg Du Preez
Janice Rosen Exports
Janice Rosen
JD Farms Specialty Turkeys
Marilyn Morgan
Kidd Bros. Honey / Western Sage Honey
Diane Stubson  
Koji Fine Foods
Denver Mace 
Libra National Inc.
Wayroan Lin
Little Northern Bakehouse
Rachel Carrier
Live Happy Water (Leading Brands of Canada)
Thor Matson
Naturally Homegrown Foods (Hardbite Potato Chips)
Kirk Homenick
Naturally Splendid / Prosnack Natural Foods Inc.
Alan Maddox
Nu-Tea Company
Liz Bandelin
One Degree Organics
Sundeep Sekhon
Prism Nutrients 
Preet Singh
Quejos Ancient Foods Inc  
Ken Schneider        
Real Earth Bounty
Jay Mann
Silver Hills Bakery
Jenene Kilian 
Skippy's Kettlekorn Ltd.
Travis Huyghebaert
St. Jean's / Raincoast Trading
Steve Hughes
Sun Pharm LTD
David Lluncor


SunRype Products Ltd.
Shane Sondermann
Very Good Butchers
Mitchell Scott
Vie Saine Broths
Ryan Olson
Vista D'oro Farms Ltd.
Lee Murphy
Vitalus Nutrition Inc.
Erico Duque
Willowfield Enterprises Ltd.
Don Read
Tyson Still
Wise Bites
Cathline James


Acciona Facility Services Canada Ltd.         
Randolph Santamaria
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada          
Carolina Lam
Aquilon Software Inc.          
Philip Patton
Atesco Industrial Hygiene Ltd.          
Peter Adamski
BC Hydro          
Vinson Lee
Donna Bradley
Bioenterprise Corporation          
Jessica Taylor
Carmi Flavors         
Lucie Nicholls
CCC Investment Banking       
Hugh Notman
CH Robinson        
Kelly MacCormack
Clark Builders         
Sean Crockett
Commissary Connect          
Sarb Mund
DNV GL Business Assurance       
Darcy Segin
Food Processing HR Council
Olga Karpinskaia
Fortis BC
Michelle Lee
Glenmore Custom Print and Packaging
Stefan Congram
Good Natured Products Inc.
Natisha Nanji
Granted Consulting
Stephanie Sang
Great Little Box Company        
Natisha Mathews
Ideon Packaging LLP          
Justin Tunstall         
Investment Agriculture Foundations of BC         
Kelsi Stiles
Klondike Cold Storage          
Brittaney Dacosta
Manufacturing Safety Alliance          
Paul Boileau
Michele Mackenzie
Ryan Sorensen
Packers Sanitation Services Inc.
Carol Zweig
Planet Clean          
Phil Armstrong
Preston Mobility, Inc.         
Blake Ponuick
Pro-Cert Organic Systems Ltd.          
Cody Sander
Sani Marc          
Brian March
Kimberly Ross
SGS Canada Inc.          
Mohit McLaren
Steep Hill Equipment Solutions          
Brent Larsen
Stylestone Surfaces Inc.          
Danielle Howard
SYSPRO Software Ltd.          
Dave Cavan
The Answer Company          
Elaine Ooi
Toronto Dominon Bank         
Wilson Wong
Vision 33 Inc.          
Bonnie Yiu
Wachs Canada Ltd.   
Elmer Warrington
Work Safe BC
Jose Barranco
YVR Prep          
Jason Wong